Troubled Waters

In this second collaboration between Fleming and Peters, Troubled Waters continues the story of veteran transit cop, Morris Fitzgerald, who is struggling to return to full-time work with Boston’s Mass Bay Transit Authority. While working through his own mental and physical shortcomings, he goes about trying to locate his homeless cousin and stumbles into a conspiracy to rid the city of its most vulnerable residents through an orchestrated disaster. Like its 2016 precursor, Code Black, Troubled Waters provides fantastic insight into the transit system and politics of one of the country’s oldest and most-congested cities. A page-turning thriller that blends history and suspense, Troubled Waters is a distinctly Boston novel that is as engaging as it is insightful.

Code Black

Winner of the 2016 Indie Excellence Award for Crime Fiction! When terrorists apparently strike one of Boston's MBTA transit stations during the famed St. Patrick's Day parade, the onslaught of federal and state officials turn the city into a chaotic police state. Only a veteran transit cop, jaded by his memories of growing up in the shadows of Boston's forced busing and desegregation, knows the truth: The enemy is not some international terrorist cell but the politics and hubris that continually pit the haves and have­-nots against each other in one of the country's oldest and most ­congested cities. Code Black delves into the many contradictions that shape Boston: wealth and poverty, liberal and conservative, academia and working-class, and even black and white. Recipient of third place in the 2015 Public Safety Writer's Association contest, Code Black is an historical fiction thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Taking Fire: Saving Captain Aikman

The remarkable true story of the rescue of an F-4 pilot shot down over North Vietnam in June of 1972, Taking Fire provides a unique glimpse into world of search and rescue operations. Taking Fire provides an up-close look into the heroism and mystique of this little known segment of the Air Force Special Tactics community by focusing on one of the most dramatic rescues of the Vietnam War.